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M, My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules Season 6 Episode 18

Episode Name: S06E18 Air date: 3/01/2015 Summary: Two teams have been sent packing from the competition already, and now something huge is about to throw...
D, Doc Zone
#, 2020 US
C, Comic Book Men

Comic Book Men Season 4 Episode 12

Episode Name: Secret Stashley Air date: 03/01/2015 Summary: Kevin’s assistant, Ashley, learns about comic book retail at the Stash; pro wrestlers want to sell their...
A, All-Star Academy
G, Ghosts In My House
L, Legend of the Superstition Mountains
C, Coaching Bad

Coaching Bad Season 1 Episode 4

Episode Name: Taking Sides Air date: 03/01/2015 Summary: A traumatic memory from Brandi’s past; the group decides one coach’s fate after Ray and Dr. Conte...
H, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H
B, Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue Season 5 Episode 14

Episode Name: All Twerk & No Pay Air date: 03/01/2015 Summary: Too busy dancing on the bar top to pour drinks, these out-of-control bartenders are...
V, Vanity Fair Confidential
C, Cutthroat Kitchen

Cutthroat Kitchen Season 7 Episode 3

Episode Name: You’re Bacon Me Crazy Air date: 03/01/2015 Summary: One chef has to use finger tools while making a bacon-wrapped dish. Another chef has...